Enjoying Organic Produce When You Visit Mexico

Your trip to Mexico may be focused on food, sightseeing, or fishing, but it is likely that you will encounter plenty of fresh and delicious produce regardless of your destination. You might be driving through Baja Norte to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, but you will also enjoy seeing the fields of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, and strawberries. In fact, one of the largest packing plants in Latin America is located in this area. Your affordable Mexico insurance coverage may seem unnecessary for a rural area. However, you are required by Mexican law to have Mexican auto insurance.


Variety of beautifully organized fruits and vegetables on the counter of the marketplace

Limes and other fruits

The last year has seen some serious fluctuations in lime prices. But things are leveling out a bit, making the fruit more affordable in Mexico and in nations that import the citrus. Limes are a crucial part of so many dishes in Mexico, used over tacos, in soups, and in beverages liberally. Be sure to try various varieties of mango, guava, and melon during your travels. You will especially love these as beverages, which you can find at many flea markets. You’ll also find them used in licuados, fruity beverages that are just a little less thick than smoothies.


Vegetables are also quite abundant, especially in growing communities. You may find that they turned cucumbers into blended drinks. You’ll also find that in-season crops make for the cheapest grocery shopping options. You might want to bring a wok in your RV if you will be staying at a campground or beach. In-season veggies are ideal stir-fry add-ins.

What else do you need to know about affordable Mexico insurance coverage?

Your Mexican auto insurance should reflect RV travel, which may include towing if you have a trailer or extra car that you will be bringing into the country. Each vehicle that will be driven in Mexico requires its own policy. So be sure to obtain such coverage for an extra car. Inadequate coverage could create legal difficulties if you get into an accident, especially in cases of serious damage or injury. However, top-rated Mexican auto insurance typically includes add-on benefits that allow you to get help if you have a driving emergency.

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  • You’ll love the plentiful organic foods in Mexico. During the peak season and harvesting, markets are crammed with natural fruits you only find in Mexico. Remember Mexican Insurance Store coverage

  • Is it easy to look for organic produce in Mexico? How do we know if something we purchase is really organic or not?

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