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Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store – El Buen Fin: News and Information About the Mexican Black Friday

Black Friday wasn’t exactly what the country had in mind when Mexico changed its timing for the celebration of the Día de la Revolución, the observance of the beginning of the nation’s revolution. However, the long weekend makes it an ideal time for conducting some pre-holiday sales. You should have your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store in place before you head into Mexico for the weekend preceding the third Monday of November. If you decide to stick around for the Monday parades, you will want to extend your car insurance for Mexico.

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What changed with Día de la Revolución?

In 2005, Mexican government voted to change its recognition of the day from November 20 to the third Monday of November. This provides some predictability over time in terms of managing celebrations. A Monday celebration allows for a three-day weekend, popular in business and with schools. It also ensures that traffic won’t be unexpectedly disrupted for visitors on weekdays. A Monday celebration may involve shutting down areas of highway for extended periods to facilitate community parades. However, the event doesn’t coincide with U.S. holidays, so tourists won’t face frustrations as they travel.

The timing of the celebration is close enough to the Christmas holidays that hearing of the change may have prompted some experimental sales in retail areas. Current news labels the three-day weekend as El Buen Fin, the good end if you translate literally. Fin de semana is Spanish for weekend, so the sales news is targeting a good, long weekend. This information may sound familiar as north-of-the-border sales rise during the long Thanksgiving weekend. News reports indicate that the Buen Fin sales efforts began in 2011 and have continued to improve each year.

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Last-minute changes to your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

While recent info does not indicate any major changes in requirements when buying car insurance for Mexico, it is always wise to review your information before traveling. If you have long-term coverage, take a moment to double-check information about your coverage levels and expiration dates. If you will buy short-term Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store, be sure to do so online. Car insurance for Mexico can be purchased, printed, changed, and extended online if you deem it necessary while traveling in Mexico.

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  • Elanor Mcdougle
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    As you may notice it, Mexico offers almost everything for a couple. It’s helpful to begin researching your destination. Or you can ask your Mexico insurance company some honeymoon tips.

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    July 30, 2017 5:46 pm

    There are many reasons to be in Mexico. Mexico is a beautiful place to see that’s why people are always there for a vacation.

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