Driving To Top Mexican Destinations With Quality Mexico auto insurance

Mexico auto insurance

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Mexico auto insurance – Driving To Top Mexican Destinations

Although some of the top travel destinations in Mexico can be reached by air or by cruise ship, you can also consider driving as a means of reaching these exotic locations. Be sure that you are prepared with authentic Mexico auto insurance. A driving adventure may be more appropriate for the individual who wants to explore. It may also be desirable for the person who is looking for a place to call their home away from home. Having Mexican auto insurance online is required by law, and a lack of sufficient coverage could leave you in a less-than-exotic spot for the duration of your time in the country.

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Other things to note when driving long-distance across the border

If your travels will take you into the mainland, you will need to obtain a vehicle permit upon arrival in the country. This permission is secured with a deposit, which will be refunded after you have returned the permit at the time of your departure. A permit is not typically required if you will remain in the tourist zone. However, Mexican auto insurance online is required in all areas of the country, including the tourist corridors.

Mexico auto insurance is now required when driving in Mexico!

Pro tip: Mexican auto insurance online is necessary to drive on the toll highways. Without Mexico auto insurance, you could be on the road for much longer.

You should also obtain a tourist visa upon your entry into the country because most top destinations listed by U.S. News & World Report are beyond the tourist zones of the country. You are obligated to obtain a tourist permit if you will stay in Mexico for more than 72 hours or if you will travel beyond tourist zones.

Be aware that military checkpoints are common on federal highways. You may be asked to show tourist permits or identification, including your passport. You are not likely to be asked about Mexico auto insurance, but with new legislation requiring all motorists to have appropriate Mexico auto insurance, this could change in the future. It is important to be courteous and cooperative as you travel through a checkpoint. After all, it is possible that your vehicle will be searched during a checkpoint.

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  • Hannelore Ryles
    March 30, 2015 6:20 pm

    Witnessing a real eye-catching sunset is a moment I can’t forget in Puerto Vallarta. I used my camera in taking pictures and videos. Mexico is the perfect place to be, especially when I have my Mexican car insurance that protects me.

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