Driving to San Carlos, Sonora With Your Car Insurance for Mexico

Do you love the beauty of the sea but hate the chill of the water? Why not consider planning your Mexico vacation to include the beachfront town of San Carlos in Sonora? The subdivision of Guaymas is notable for the clarity and warm temperature of the ocean waters. Get your car insurance for Mexico before you go. You’ll want to check current indemnity limits so that you will travel with sufficient Mexican auto insurance coverage. You only need to drive a few hours south to reach the town.

Car insurance for Mexico

Getting to San Carlos

Mexican Highway 15 will take you on a fairly simple path from Nogales to San Carlos. The drive is approximately 260 miles from the border, and the Nogales route is the most direct. You can also consider other routes from other border cities, or you can add San Carlos to your RV trek through Mexico. The Mexican Highway 15 option will take you through the capital city of Sonora, Hermosillo, where you can enjoy shopping and culture. However, San Carlos is a beautiful spot with gorgeous scenery.

Your rural driving can leave you vulnerable to breakdowns, but your Mexican auto insurance coverage includes roadside help. You may also encounter military checkpoints on your way. While they may not ask to see your insurance documents, it always pays to be prepared. Keeping a duplicate copy in your travel bags, backpack or purse is wise in case an incident happens while you are away from the vehicle.

Things to Do in San Carlos

You’ll find it interesting to know that San Carlos has been used for filming movies, including Catch-22, Lucky Lady, and The Mask of Zorro. This is part of what led to some of the development of the area. Additionally, large ranches grace the area. Many vacation rentals are available in the area, making it worth planning for a longer stay in the future. If you need to extend your first visit, make sure that your car insurance for Mexico doesn’t lapse. You can log into your insurance account from an Internet café to purchase additional coverage as needed.

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Mexican Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store

San Carlos Waterfront

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