Driving Safely Around Mexico with Mexican Insurance for Travel

Mexican insurance for travel

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Mexican Insurance for Travel – Driving Safely Around Mexico

In a foreign country, a brush with the law can be a scary prospect. However, a basic understanding of your obligations should help you to steer clear of legal issues as you drive in Mexico. You are expected to carry Mexican insurance for travel, which is different from your domestic policy. A Mexico auto insurance is important as a proof of your financial ability to cover costs if you cause an accident. Following are some additional legal issues to consider as you travel in Mexico.

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Car accidents

A car accident is considered to be at a felony level in severity, which makes the quality of your Mexico auto insurance very important. It is advisable to remain on the scene and to deal with the authorities in such an incident, which can be simplified if your coverage includes legal support. Mexican insurance for travel that offers bilingual legal assistance is ideal for ensuring that you can get through any communications and other situations without being severely confused. This also allows for bail coverage.

If you are involved in a fatal accident and lack such legal help, you could spend a huge amount of money trying to defend your case. Your Mexican insurance for travel is also proof of your ability to pay your damages owed, which can be extremely high in the case of a fatality accident that is found to be your fault.

Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for travel lets you drive the toll roads, so secure Mexico auto insurance before leaving

So you have Mexican insurance for travel. Do you need tourist permission?

If you will travel south of the tourist zone or be in Mexico for more than 72 hours, you need to obtain a tourist permit upon entry. Although you might not need to show this document during your travels, you shouldn’t be surprised if you are asked about it in an intense situation such as a car wreck. Don’t give the authorities further reason to complicate the situation when obtaining your permit is simple.


It is illegal to bring firearms and ammunition into Mexico, and being caught with these could create huge legal problems. Mexico auto insurance won’t help in this situation.

Mexican insurance for travel from MexicanInsuranceStore.com includes Roadside Assistance for peace of mind, so you can enjoy your trip without worry!

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