Driving Like a Mexican – What You Should Know About the Roadways

If you want to drive like a local, be aware that just as at home, you may model your actions after those who follow the laws or after those who disregard them. You may want to follow the patterns that you see to ensure that you don’t inhibit traffic, but as a foreigner, you might be an easy target for the authorities if you are speeding or otherwise obviously defying the rules. If that occurs, be sure that your authentic Mexican car insurance is easily accessible for proof of compliance with at least that law. Besides getting your Mexican auto insurance online before you go, take time to review some basic road issues.

Authentic Mexican car insurance

Kilometers, not Miles

Remember that speeds and distances are listed in kilometers rather than miles. You will also be dealing with the metric system at the gas pump. This makes it important to brush up on your metric system memories from middle school just a bit. This is so that you can estimate costs. Your vehicle may include metric labeling in addition to miles. You can also ask Siri for quick conversion. And you can keep the action hands-free as long as your iPhone is plugged in to charge. Just remember that if you mix up miles and kilometers, doing the posted speed in miles will cause you to exceed the speed limit by more than 50 percent, a likely way to get a ticket. If you are in traffic, use it as a guide. If you are on an open road with minimal traffic, watch your velocity.

Roundabouts and Stop Signs

You need to have a little bit of bravado as you face these features in busy locations like Tijuana. In a roundabout, it may be every man for himself. Keep an eye out for stoplights in these areas, and go with the traffic. At a four-way stop, you may need to be bold, especially during busy travel times. Hesitancy may cause you to be delayed, and uncertainty may cause a wreck. Your authentic Mexican car insurance can be a helpful tool as you deal with even a minor wreck in such a setting. You will want to be sure that you have full-coverage Mexican auto insurance in hectic areas so that your own damages are covered regardless of fault and regardless of the other party’s coverage.


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  • Desirae Counter
    December 10, 2014 4:00 pm

    Drivers in Mexico like the new infrastructure of highways and roads. With Mexico insurance with me, driving around Mexico is now much easier and safer than before. I can even add my car insurance as an additional road protection.

  • Trusted Mexican insurance is irreplaceable because it gives me the best piece to pack—my peace of mind. I believe that price is not the only thing to consider, it’s the superiority of the policy and coverage. I know what I’ve got here is what I really need.

  • Nannie Beggs
    July 9, 2015 5:08 pm

    Mexican Store Insurance provides roadway tips to ensure safety. You can call them anytime when you’re in trouble while driving. It’s a must to always bring your car insurance with you.

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