Drive To Mexico For The New Year With Mexican Online Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Mexican Online Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

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Drive to Mexico for the New Year with Mexican Online Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

As you say goodbye to the past year, it’s time for enjoy New Years’ Eve. If you want to get away, head across the border to a close locale such as Rosarito Beach. Make sure you have Mexican online insurance at Mexican Insurance Store before you take off. Mexican auto insurance from is important for all driving in Mexico, and you want to verify that details reflect any recent changes in vehicles or travel plans.

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Review travel plans and pricing

Has your past year included buying Mexican auto insurance from several times? If so, you should think about switching to long-term Mexican online insurance at Mexican Insurance Store. If your travel will include at least three weeks in Mexico, a long-term policy is typically the better value. Deciding on a six-month or one-year policy depends on whether your travels will be spread out through the year or whether they will be concentrated over a shorter period. If you don’t anticipate as much travel this coming year, then you might choose to continue with short-term coverage. However, it’s good to remember the value in longer policy periods for future reference.

Tune-up your car before crossing the border

If you always take the same vehicle to Mexico, then your Mexican auto insurance from may not need much adjustment. However, you will want to use updated values based on resources such as Kelley Blue Book in the coming year. You also need to remember that changes such as towing can affect your Mexican online insurance at Mexican Insurance Store. Don’t assume that towing is acceptable if you have not added a towing vehicle to your policy. It is acceptable to have towing coverage when you don’t tow a trailer, but failing to add towing coverage can lead to the nullification of your Mexican auto insurance from if you have an accident.

Remember that Mexican online insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is now required!

If you have a new vehicle that you will be taking to Mexico, you need to have separate coverage. An existing policy does not cover your travel in a different vehicle. Fortunately, Mexican online insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is affordable and easy to obtain as you input the details for your vehicle, purchase with a major credit card, and print your documents from your home or office in a few minutes.

Remember Mexican online insurance at Mexican Insurance Store can be purchased on an iPhone

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  • During New Year’s Eve, most Mexican people celebrate a late night dinner, together with loved ones and family. That’s why this eve is a great night of get-together. Mexican insurance excludes drunk driving so bring a designated driver to be safe.

  • Jose Mcallister
    February 11, 2016 4:40 pm

    New Year’s Day is a national holiday in Mexico. Offices, banks and most shops are normally closed. It’s a quiet day for Mexico because people prefer to rest from the previous days and nights of preparations.

  • Gennie Beckham
    April 25, 2016 5:38 pm

    Find the most appropriate Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. During holidays, they have special offers on different coverage and policies for their prospective clients.

  • Jennell Eaves
    May 3, 2016 5:46 pm

    During New Year holiday, more people are travelling to Mexico to spend the New Year’s Ave and spend days of vacation. When travelling, nothing can be more helpful in giving peace of mind than knowing you’re covered b y Mexico insurance.

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