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Planning the perfect Mexican getaway? You may be torn between forms of travel. Indeed, it is a tough decision especially if you have a decent amount of time available to have fun. Flying can provide you with quick access to an exotic resort. But driving allows you to delve deeply into the culture. If you do make the decision to drive, one of your top priorities will be securing Mexico insurance for tourists.  It is available to ensure that you are driving legally and as safely as possible. Your Mexico insurance policy can be selected online so that you have access to relevant reviews and details before you purchase. Mexico insurance for tourists is now required in order to drive legally throughout Mexico.

Light packing for travel.

Pros and cons of flying to Mexico and renting a vehicle

Traveling by air is much faster than driving. This is an excellent choice for the individual who has a limited amount of time to spend in the country. Additionally, you can focus mostly on your leisure activities. If you are a project-oriented person, this is the way to accomplish your goals. Of course, you may miss some of the laid-back aspects of the culture as you rush to and fro.

They may also limit you to getting around by taxi or public transportation if you want to get away from your resort. However, rental vehicles could be available at your destination. Keep in mind, that your Mexico insurance policy is not available for driving a Mexican-plated vehicle. This means that you will need to work with your rental agency to ensure that your driving is legal. Mexico insurance policy costs for a rental are generally $40.00 per day with the cost of the rental being $10.00 per day.

Pros and cons of driving to Mexico with your own vehicle

Tip: Mexico insurance for tourists is now required to drive around legally, so pick up a Mexico insurance policy before leaving!

Driving provides you with a greater opportunity to enjoy variety and beauty as you take the more scenic route. Additionally, you can interact in various locations, spending time indulging in unique foods and enjoying local sites and customs. You may eventually reach that resort town, but you may not want to because this down-to-earth side of the country is so charming. As a driver, you do want to have the best Mexico insurance for tourists possible because you do run the risk of an accident or travel emergency. You will have to fund your own repairs, but your coverage can coordinate towing or roadside help if you do encounter mechanical problems.

Mexico insurance for tourists from gives you peace of mind!


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  • For your final Mexico road trip preparations, review the road rules and regulation. From the unspoken customs to stern laws, guidelines will help you drive well in Mexico as long as you have Mexican car insurance.

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