Drive a Short Distance From the Border for a Luxury Vacation

Luxury may sound inconsistent with a road trip, but Mexico provides you with special treasures that don’t require expensive flights or cruises. In fact, short travel times allow you to arrive rather quickly after crossing the border so that you can spend the majority of your vacation in pure indulgence. However, don’t view your Mexican insurance for cars as a luxury. Car insurance for Mexico is a necessity for safe and legal travel south of the border.

Luxury swimming pool in a tropical resort at sunset

Rocky Point resort choices

Crossing the border at Lukeville, AZ, will place you within an hour’s driving time of numerous luxury resorts. (Remember to buy car insurance for Mexico by before leaving!) You can select a condo or cabin for rent. This will allow you to enjoy your own kitchen for the duration of your stay. However, you may prefer to stay in a luxury hotel and spa with room service and other special amenities. The area is especially active during the spring and summer months. This means that you may face higher prices and greater competition for space during these times. Consider the months from September to November for the best pricing and lower activity levels.

Valle de Guadalupe

Baja’s wine country provides some intriguing spots, and Endémico is an excellent example of a different type of luxury. You can stay in a uniquely designed cabin with a spectacular view of the vineyards and scenery below. Rustic luxury may seem a contradiction. However, this clever resort is the perfect spot to enjoy fresh air and solitude with a great bottle of local wine.

Remember to be careful if you take your car off-road because your Mexican insurance for cars at will be void.

Ensenada resorts

Driving just an hour from Tijuana, you’ll find that the view of the Pacific Ocean from Mexican Highway 1 is amazing. Consider spa resorts like Casa Natalie, a beautiful hotel alongside the ocean. Luxury accommodations and a spectacular view allow you to relax right away. Whereas many small hotels in Mexico don’t accept credit cards, this spot is equipped with plastic or cash.

Reliable Mexico insurance for tourists
Mexican insurance for cars

Drive With Authentic Car Insurance for Mexico!

You can count on less than luxurious accommodations if you are involved in an accident in Mexico without proper car insurance, as Mexican jails are notoriously uncomfortable. It’s important to make sure that your liability limits are high enough for the area you visit. You should also weigh the costs of replacing a damaged vehicle, considering full coverage insurance if such expenses would create a hardship.

Mexican insurance for cars at gives you free Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico

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  • Aileen Gothard
    December 15, 2014 4:19 pm

    The entire group loves traveling with music. Mexico has got fabulous radio stations. While driving, I lost my signal and the music just stopped. Later, the signal returned. Not bad! With the help of Mexican Insurance Store, we’ve been to many places we’ve never seen before. It’s really exciting wandering around Mexico.

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