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Mexican Insurance for Fishing Trips and Information About Top Fish to Catch in Baja in December

Baja is an excellent destination for fishing throughout the year, but you may want to plan your trip based on the species you prefer to catch. If you are just happy with the opportunity to fish regardless of species, December is as good a time as any to get started. You will need your Mexican insurance for fishing travel before you enter the country. Add your towed trailer or other towed items to your primary Mexico insurance policy if you plan to haul equipment.

Fishing in Mexico

Species and Seasons

You can expect at least fair fishing with most species in Baja throughout the year. December is the tail end of prime fishing time for species such as sailfish, yellowfin, dorado, and wahoo. However, it is the beginning of the excellent fishing season for yellowtail and sierra. You’ll find that your needs as you travel for fishing can vary based on the guide you work with. In some cases, the necessary gear will be available. You may need to arrive with the equipment that you will use. In addition, you will want to carry a supply of items such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen for use while you are out on the water. You may be able to pay for your guided fishing adventure with plastic. Clarify this before you arrive to ensure that you aren’t stuck in an awkward situation. Remember, you now need a valid Mexico insurance policy to drive on any highway in Mexico.

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Other Needs for Baja Travel – Mexican insurance for fishing

You will need Mexican insurance for fishing travel to ensure that you can meet financial obligations if you have a wreck deemed your fault. In addition to Mexican insurance for fishing, you must have your passport to enter and exit the country. The evaluation of travel documents is limited for those entering Mexico. However, you can expect to have an agent inspect your passport as you leave Mexico and re-enter the United States.

If you are traveling with a minor child, you must have notarized authorization from the other parent if that parent is not accompanying you. You should also have a letter of permission to drive a vehicle that is not your own. In an accident, a lack of Mexican insurance for fishing travel could land you in jail until your financial obligations are met.

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Mexico insurance policy coverage and Information About Top Fish to Catch in Baja in December

Enjoy a December Getaway to Mexico!




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