Daycation Safely to Mexico with Mexican Insurance Quality by

Mexican insurance quality by
La Bufadora, Ensenada

Mexican Insurance Quality by – Daycation Safely to Mexico

Living in San Marcos puts you just a little more than an hour of the Mexican border, making it possible to enjoy a simple daycation or weekend without a lot of time spent on the road. Although you have your home coverage for U.S. driving, you will need to have active Mexican insurance quality by prior to crossing the border. Some residents may dismiss the need of Mexican insurance for San Marcos, figuring their other policy is fine or assuming that nothing will go wrong. However, an accident without valid Mexican auto insurance for San Marcos could create some unexpected financial stress.

Where should you head for the day?

Tijuana is a fun spot for the person who loves the touristy type of setting. You can expect things in a border community to be a bit more brash and flashy, but this appeals to many visitors. The option for parking in the U.S. and walking across the border exists, but if you don’t feel like going through the trouble, Mexican insurance quality by will cover you while driving across the border. There is a mistaken assumption that U.S. policies cover border zone driving, but this is very limited and will NOT cover liability protection which is vital with Napoleonic law. Only valid Mexican auto insurance for San Marcos that is serviced by a Mexican provider will be legally recognized.

If you want a more laid-back experience but still like the touristy feel, Ensenada is just another hour south of Tijuana. The drive is fantastic, and the divided highway is fairly well-kept. Stay on the toll road for best results. Although the road is great, don’t err by skipping Mexican auto insurance for San Marcos. Accidents are rarely predictable events, and you don’t want to find out more about the Mexican legal system without legal representation in case of a wreck. You would be required to pay immediately out of your own pocket.

Finally, Mexican insurance for San Marcos through also comes with roadside assistance. So if your car unexpectedly breaks down, you can use your Mexican insurance quality by to get help when you need it most.

Mexican insurance quality by comes with liability protection that is required!

You may also want to check out Baja’s wine country, heading inland from Ensenada just a bit. You may find the area so intriguing that you’ll want to return time and time again. You can also select Mexican insurance quality by on a trip by trip basis, or you can choose a long-term policy if you want to come back frequently.

Mexican insurance quality by gives you peace of mind, so you can drive around Mexico without worry, knowing that you’re safe and covered!

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