Cross the Border with Mexican Insurance for Orange County

Are you one of those people who live in Orange County, California but have never traveled to Mexico before? It’s not the worst crime in the world. There’s plenty to do, but eventually, you grow tired of Disneyland & strip malls and want to getaway. So pick up Mexican insurance for Orange County and head down to see what it’s like across the border. Then, if you decide to return, you can upgrade to annual Mexican car insurance for Orange County and drive around Mexico whenever you feel like it.

Mexico insurance

Ok, where to begin?

Traveling across the border isn’t very difficult. Besides Mexican car insurance for Orange County, all you need is a car (duh), a passport, and a plan. You probably have a general idea of where you want to go but probably need a little direction. Use Google to find things to do, then plan your trip around a schedule. Or find an ideal location, then figure out the smaller details.

If you live in California, you have to know people who travel to Mexico. Ask your friends. Of course, it always helps to travel with Spanish-speaking buddies. Don’t forget to buy coverage before leaving.

Where in Mexico should you go?

Coming from California, you might want to stay in Baja if you’re crossing the border for the 1st time.

Rosarito Beach is good if you want a proper fish taco and a chilled cerveza without driving too far. Cabo San Lucas has beaches and luxury resorts. Todos Santos is a small surf town. Like most cool spots, it’s sure to become overdeveloped eventually, so give it a look if possible. has a monthly feature on the latest events in the Baja area.

Why do you need Mexican insurance for Orange County?

Many people, including many of those who travel to Mexico regularly, don’t get why it’s a big deal to cross the border without proper coverage. You can’t wing it across the border. If you get into an accident, you either have a policy or not. Mexico follows Napoleonic law, so long story short: Without coverage, you’re stuck in Mexico until you can pay off the damages.

A good policy gives you access to toll roads, Roadside Assistance, and more.

Mexican insurance for Orange County gives you peace of mind!


Mexican auto Insurance for Orange County Drivers; Travel Tips

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