Critter Considerations in Mexico

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Taking Pets Across The Mexico Border

As you get ready to travel in Mexico, you may want to think about problems you could encounter during your trip. Things such as Mexican auto insurance and passports are important, but there are practical safety measures you want to think about to address any unexpected animal issues. If you will be taking your own pet, for example, you need to have vaccinations up to date and records in hand. Also plan for medical issues that could arise if you run into the wrong kind of wildlife. Remember to buy Mexican insurance from before leaving!

Insect issues

The more rural your travels, the higher the odds of finding such creatures. Even in developed areas however, you could encounter black widows, scorpions or ants. Centipedes may also surface in rural areas. In some cases, the effects may be minimal, but think about identifying medical facilities in or near the area so that you can get help in an emergency. You may want to carry bug spray and a first aid kit just to be on the safe side.

Keep in mind Mexican auto insurance is necessary to gain access to toll roads. Without Mexican insurance from, you could be in for a long drive.

Mammals and reptiles

If you will spend time in the desert, remember that off-road activity is not covered by Mexican auto insurance. The desert is a likely place to encounter snakes, including la vibora cascabel – rattlesnakes. You may also run into rodents and lizards. The best approach is to stay clear. In communities, it’s not uncommon to find stray dogs and cats. Avoid them because you have no way of knowing whether they carry diseases.

Does Mexican auto insurance include medical care?

Your Mexican insurance from does not include medical care for such issues. And you may need to consider a supplemental product if your own health insurance isn’t accepted out of the country. Mexican auto insurance with does make some transportation provisions if your trip is interrupted due to medical problems such as a serious injury or grave illness.

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  • Due to rocky terrain that occupies a significant part of Baja, it is important to ensure your safety when walking. Snakes! Yikes Having Medical Assistance as part of your Mexican insurance would go a long way in helping you in case of emergencies.

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