Cool Local Beverages for the Family in Mexico and Mexico insurance

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Aguas Frescas – Perfecto!

Mexico Auto Insurance and Cool Local Beverages for the Family in Mexico

Warmer weather summons a time of seeking ways to cool off, and fruity beverages are a typical solution. Lemonade may be a popular choice, but many south-of-the-border beverages allow you to cool off with exotic flavors that include familiar ingredients. Of course, there’s nothing like experiencing these flavors in a relevant cultural setting, and Mexico insurance for summer will enable you to do so during your vacation time. You can easily get a Mexican insurance quote online so that you can make sure that your driving is handled legally and safely.

Aguas Frescas

Using fresh fruit for cool drinks is not a new concept, but with exotic fruits, this can be a little bit costly. However, Mexican aguas frescas are fresh waters that feature a lovely fruity flavor that is neither too strong or too weak. Fruits may be squeezed to release their juices or juiced to create a basis for such a beverage. These juices are incorporated into water with sweeteners as needed. Popular options include limeade, mango water, strawberry, melon, and pineapple. You can experiment with your own ideas. Just remember that this is not the equivalent of a full-fledged juice but rather a pleasantly-flavored water.


A licuadora is a blender, and licuados are similar to blended smoothies. However, licuados tend to be less thick. They are watery but pulpy, and they can be based on various fresh fruits. The main difference between licuados and aguas frescas is thickness. Watermelon and cantaloupe versions are particularly excellent choices.


The idea of rice as a beverage ingredient may sound unusual or repulsive to some, but this is basically a rice-water with milk. For those who drink rice milk already, horchata is a pleasant choice. Rice grains are added to boiling water and removed from heat to cool. The cooled mixture is blended. Cinnamon, milk, and sugar are added to taste.

Legal Travel with Mexico insurance for Summer

Whether you plan to experience these flavors in a border area or farther into the country of Mexico, your Mexico insurance for summer is essential for safe, legal travel. You can review a Mexican insurance quote online to prepare for travel.

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