Considering a Baja-Bound Camping Vacation and Purchasing Mexico insurance from

Purchasing Mexico insurance from
Baja-Bound Camping Vacation

Purchasing Mexico insurance from and considering a Baja-Bound Camping Vacation?

A Baja-bound camping vacation can be a wonderful experience, and the fact is that you will see numerous RVs heading south from Tijuana as their drivers prepare to take advantage of stunning beaches and soothing waters. Your summer trip may be just a couple of days or it may last a month. In either case, you’ll want to be sure of purchasing Mexico insurance from for the duration of your trip. If you need to adjust your Mexican insurance policy coverage, you can always update it via your wireless device or at an Internet café during your stay.

Campground Availability in Baja Norte

You’ll find that there are some specific campgrounds to consider as you research online. El Pabellon is a beautiful spot along a long stretch of coast, excellent if you need just the basics. If you don’t want to break camp every time you need to get supplies or want to explore, it’s a good idea to bring an auxiliary vehicle along. This will need to be included for towing when purchasing Mexico insurance from Additionally, you are required to have Mexican insurance policy coverage for this car apart from the towing policy. Operating your vehicle without purchasing Mexico insurance from could leave you in a serious situation if you have even a minor accident. Towing the car without adding it to your policy will void the entire policy.

Rental Homes and Purchasing Mexico Insurance from

If your stay will be more than a couple of weeks, you may want to investigate the options for renting a home in the area. Check out real estate agents for Baja Norte as you consider this option. Be aware that a home in Baja may be a bit more rustic than what you are used to back home. You will need to be prepared for issues like brown outs, running out of propane, and times of low water flow from public utilities. However, it will allow you some luxuries that a camping vacation wouldn’t, including bathrooms, showers, and full-size kitchens. Just be aware that a second bathroom may be an outhouse in such a setting.

Research Your Mexican insurance policy coverage

Your Mexican insurance policy coverage is a priority for many reasons. It allows you to breathe easy if you have an accident, knowing that help is available to get you through the legal red tape.

Purchasing Mexico insurance from gives you FREE Roadside Assistance at no additional premium.

Mexican insurance policy coverage
Camping in Baja

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