Christmas Travels in Mexico and Mexican Online Insurance

Although Tlalpujahua is known for its production of glass-blown Christmas ornaments, you may not want to travel all the way to the state of Michoacán to secure your holiday decor. If you decide at some point to venture that far, you will need to consider your driving route as you study options in Mexican online insurance from Mexican Insurance Liability limits for your Mexico insurance are based on the wages in the states through which you travel, and these can vary dramatically from one state to another.

Mexican online insurance

Close Destinations for Short Holiday Travels

If you are looking for a nearby location for the holidays, you can consider popular border towns as well as destinations just an hour or two beyond the border. Rosarito is only a 20-minute drive beyond the Tijuana border and offers a laid-back atmosphere with plenty of resorts. You may also want to think about Ensenada, an hour south of Tijuana. Look for a relaxed setting in wine country or along the seashore. On the east side of the Baja Peninsula, San Felipe is a great destination. This is especially true if you want to connect with expatriates who could help you with details related to a potential retirement location. You can also explore Rocky Point if you want a resort destination that is more centralized.

Ensenada, Mexico

Comparing Costs of Mexican Online Insurance from Mexican Insurance

The primary issue to consider as you look at costs will be liability limits. Your Mexico insurance must minimally meet the death benefit levels for the state in which an accident occurs. In traveling a short distance into Mexico, you don’t have to plan quite as carefully as if you head to Michoacán. Sonora’s requirements are far lower than those of Baja Norte. However, it is good to leave some leeway. This is because your limits also determine how much legal support you can access in case of a serious incident.

Costs will vary in your Mexican online insurance from Mexican Insurance based on several factors. These include your vehicle’s details, the timing of your coverage, the selection of liability-only or full-coverage Mexico insurance, and towing. Our handy quote tool can help you to evaluate different scenarios as you plan.

Mexican Online Insurance from Mexican Insurance comes with legal, US repair, and roadside assistance throughout Mexico.

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  • Felecia Sandberg
    March 16, 2015 5:20 pm

    Thanks to Mexican Insurance Store that I’ve been able to enjoy my Christmas vacation in La Paz without much ado. On the night of the Christmas eve, my car broke down but I was able to get prompt Roadside Assistance services within 15 minutes from my call.

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