Checking Out Baja’s Rock Paintings With Quality Mexican Insurance Online

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Part of an ancient rock painting in Gardner Cave, a.k.a. Cueva Pintada

Mexican Insurance Online – Checking Out Baja’s Rock Paintings

Although Mexico garners much attention for its beaches and waters, there are plenty of exploration opportunities away from the water. UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mexico are excellent opportunities to expand your horizons as you explore spectacular sites. The Rock Paintings of Sierra de San Francisco is one such designated spot, located in Baja Sur. The driving trip does require proper international identification and legal driving credentials. You also need to carry Mexican insurance online. Your Mexico insurance for travel covers both liability and select emergency needs as you travel.

Part of an ancient rock painting in Gardner Cave, a.k.a. Cueva Pintada

What Are the Rock Paintings?

The paintings in the Vizcaino area are estimated to have been created up to 2,100 years ago by indigenous people in the region. The World Heritage location encompasses numerous spots with paintings and is also impressive because of the clarity and diversity of color used in the art. The area is somewhat rugged and rustic, and the isolation is considered to be a contributing factor to the preservation of the paintings.

Getting to the UNESCO Site

You can buy your Mexican insurance online the rock paintings from home so that you don’t have to wait before crossing the border to head south. From the San Ysidro crossing, your trip will be nearly 600 miles along Highway 1. In driving time, this equates to 12.5 hours, which you might want to break up over two or three days. There are numerous additional sites on the way, including well-known spots like Ensenada’s La Bufadora and lesser known locations like the Lobera of the San Quintín Valley. The trip includes a great deal of ocean scenery during your first hour of driving in Mexico, but much of the trip will be more inland as you head past Ensenada. You’ll find that the desert foliage changes dramatically at various points, especially as you travel beyond El Rosario.

Be aware that higher liability limits are required for a Mexico insurance for travel traveling in Baja Sur than for just Baja Norte. Any trip that spans more than one state can require a bit of extra attention as you select the right Mexican insurance online.

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