Change Course with a Baja Norte Golf Course with Mexico auto insurance from

Mexico auto insurance from
Real del Mar entrance, Highway 1

Tired of the same old golf courses? Why not consider a tee time across the border for a change of scenery and pace? For a quick arrival at a location with golf facilities, you may want to explore Baja Norte’s communities as you search for a simple getaway. If you want to bring your own golf cart, check out towing options when you buy Mexico auto insurance from For example, HDI offers coverage for golf carts when you purchase car insurance for Mexico at

Tijuana to Ensenada

If you just need a day trip to try a round of golf in a different environment, consider Tijuana, Rosarito or Ensenada. Buy Mexico auto insurance from and one hour after arriving at the border, you can enjoy some great golf and fine food. Tijuana’s Club Campestre Tijuana is located in downtown Tijuana, just a few minutes’ drive after crossing the border. The course was designed in 1948 and is a public-access spot that is quite popular with California residents. It’s appropriate for the beginner as well as for the experienced golf enthusiast.

Don’t forget that Mexico auto insurance from does not include off-road driving! If you get into a wreck, your car insurance for Mexico at might not cover the damages.

Real Del Mar is approximately 20 kilometers from the border in the Rosarito area. Set in a canyon environment, this is definitely a challenging spot for a more experienced golfer. It also offers spectacular views of the ocean if you want to get some photography in as well.

Buy Mexico auto insurance from before taking off!

You may not spend a lot of time on the road to reach these destinations, but you need car insurance for Mexico at Baja requires all motorists to carry Mexico auto insurance from Your car insurance for Mexico at also needs to be effective as long as your vehicle is located in Mexico.

Mexico auto insurance from is required on toll roads! 

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