Mexican insurance online – Can My Pet Travel to Mexico?

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 Mexico insurance online – Can My Pet Travel to Mexico? 

If you are going to travel by car to Mexico, you may be thinking about bringing a pet along. It is essential to understand that entry into the country and your exit could present moments where specific documentation may be needed. (click Mexican insurance online to learn more) Mexican insurance won’t affect your pet’s travel interests. However, you will want to research Mexican insurance online from Mexican Insurance Store at the same time. Then you can clarify other travel restrictions and requirements.

What do you need to bring a pet into Mexico?

At a port of entry, you are expected to present a certificate of good health for a pet that is less than three months of age. A certificate must be provided by a licensed vet or another authorized individual. These documents must also include proof of necessary immunizations with an older pet, including rabies, leptospirosis, hepatitis, and distemper. Your must-have received these at least 15 days before your travel over the border. However, your pet must have obtained the vaccines less than a year before the trip. These documents are to be presented at the Office of Animal Health Inspection.

Remember to pick up Mexican insurance online before leaving! Without Mexican insurance online, you cannot use the toll roads.

Immigration may conduct a health check at the time of your border crossing. In addition, an animal deemed fit to enter the country may be issued an importation certificate that US authorities will ask for upon your exit from the country. If your travel is interrupted due to such issues, you might need to adjust your policy. While Mexican insurance online has nothing to do with your pet’s potential for quarantine at the border, a delay in your trip could result in the expiration of your Mexican insurance before the completion of your journey.

You can adjust your coverage on the website by phone if you experience an unexpected snag. You can also cancel your policy before starting your trip if you need to alter your plans to accommodate your pet.

Mexican insurance online comes with Roadside Assistance at no additional charge. We provide this on all our policies for your own peace of mind!

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  • Mexico is a place with extensive open-air terrain. I always love travelling there with my two dogs. What is important is that your dog or pet must have valid Certificate of good health from your Vet. Remember to seek advice from your Mexican Insurance policy provider about insuring your pet while in Mexico.

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