Buying Mexico Car Insurance Can Get You To Baja On A Bike!

If you are looking for a new place to travel on your motorcycle, then think about an international destination. Actually, a trip down the Baja Peninsula isn’t just about a destination. Rather, it’s an exciting experience with loads of great scenery and lots of delicious food. Do your research ahead of time when buying Mexico car insurance so that you carry the proper coverage for your bike. Mexican liability insurance at Mexican Insurance includes roadside assistance with its policies at no extra charge, excellent for providing you with help if you get into a jam.

Mexico car insurance

Northern Baja

Baja Norte is beautiful and comfortable. The climate is much like that of the San Diego area, perfect for providing you with a great ride. You’ll find those evenings are chilly, especially during the winter months. The initial leg of your trip will be the most active in terms of traffic. The Tijuana border crossing is one of the busiest points of entry in the world. However, it’s a quick transition to the toll road to Ensenada, a calm drive with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

Your potential for an accident in Tijuana or Ensenada should be addressed by buying appropriate Mexico car insurance. Baja has made it mandatory for all motorists including motorcycles to have the proper insurance. Buying Mexico car insurance features the proper indemnity limits for travel in the region.

South of Ensenada

After you move through Ensenada, Mexican Highway 1 becomes less busy. However, the road can be a little harrowing at times, especially in the hilly areas just outside of Ensenada. Be alert and watch for semi-activity as produce is trucked to the border.

From Ensenada to El Rosario, you’ll have frequent views of the ocean. You may want to check out interesting sites like the local salt mines in San Quintín. You can also explore local markets and restaurants. From tortas to fish tacos, the options are amazing. And your policy is great for getting help if you happen to run out of gas or experience mechanical problems on the road.

After El Rosario, Mexican Highway 1 turns inland. You’ll be surprised by the change in vegetation. and many quaint spots as you continue on your journey. With your policy in hand, you can head toward side destinations on the coast or continue all the way to Cabo.

Don’t forget to obtain Mexican liability insurance at Mexican Insurance before you leave!

Buying Mexico car insurance gives you peace of mind!

Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store
Baja Highway 1, toll road

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