Border Fires and Mexican Insurance For Visitors

With wildfires plaguing many areas of California, you may wonder if similar issues are a concern south of the border. The Border Fire, which is 85 percent contained, is in San Diego County near Portero. Fires can also occur in Baja California, which makes it important to be attentive to conditions as you travel. You need Mexican insurance for visitors to cover potential damages in accidents, and your coverage can also be helpful in providing you with access to emergency information and support services if you get into a difficult driving situation. Fire safety may not be your first point of focus as you travel, but Mexico insurance protection is a wise investment from a safety perspective.

Getting help in a fire emergency in Mexico

If you are traveling in rural areas, especially in desert areas of Baja California, then you need to pay attention if you observe a major amount of smoke in the distance ahead. Although a fire could occur in a community where local fire services are available, it could easily occur in a wild area with lots of brush much as those north of the border occurred. If you need to contact an emergency service to alert them of a wildfire, 911 may serve the purpose. GSM phones typically divert 911 calls to area equivalents, and many modern cellphones will act similarly in Mexico. In a pinch, you could call the emergency number provided with your Mexico car insurance. With access to bilingual representatives, you can explain your situation and get specific contact options for dispatching emergency response personnel. In fact, a dispatcher might handle this communication for you.

Important: Mexican insurance for visitors is now required, so secure Mexico insurance protection before leaving!

Mexican insurance for visitors

Now that you have Mexican insurance for visitors, don’t cause a wildfire

Your Mexico insurance protection helps with legal issues related to car accidents. However, you could face serious legal problems without automatic help if you cause a wildfire. Mexico insurance protection allows you to travel safely on conventional roads, but off-road activity could put you in the middle of dry areas that pose more serious risks of wildfire ignition. Driving in off-road environments is risky because an accident could invalidate your Mexico insurance protection.

Mexican insurance for visitors from Mexican Insurance Store comes with exclusive Roadside Help at no extra cost!

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  • Trenton Farley
    August 6, 2017 5:57 pm

    Many travelers don’t realize it till it’s too late that Mexico doesn’t honor any insurance other than Mexican insurance. Remember, US and Canadian policies aren’t valid in Mexico City.

  • Joellen Forney
    October 30, 2017 6:41 pm

    Your Mexico insurance policy from Mexican Insurance Store is acceptable in the country because it meets Mexican law requirements, so secure one now to avoid any legal road issues.

  • Additionally, all policies are either A or A+ rated by S&P or AM Best with Billions in assets, unlike many local unrated Mexico insurance companies sold online and at the border.

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