Best Things to Do While Visiting Tijuana – Mexico Auto Insurance Policy

Best Things to Do While Visiting Tijuana – Mexico Auto Insurance Policy

You have many options of things to see and do if you visit Tijuana. While those walking across the border can enjoy the touristy side of the city without an automobile, a car frees you up to explore at your leisure. However, you will need a Mexico auto insurance policy to take your vehicle into the city. Mexican law requires all motorists to have car insurance for Mexico coverage, not just tourists.

Border Shops

Avenida Revolución is one of the most familiar stops for Tijuana tourists, easily reached by walking across the border. The buildings fit well with the area, but they are not the most modern in town. However, this is part of the atmosphere, replete with vendors, food stops, and cheap souvenirs. Those who want to haggle over prices will find plenty of opportunities. This is a magnificent spot for a brief visit on a day trip.

However, those looking for better quality in their souvenirs or a more modern place to spend a few hours may want to drive to a shopping center such as Plaza Río de Tijuana. Mercado de Artesanias is an excellent spot for authentic items with better quality and pricing than right at the border. El Popo Market is another superb shopping spot. Just remember, you need a Mexico auto insurance policy in order to drive.

Activity Options in Tijuana

From museums to sports, Tijuana offers many other activities to consider. Estadio Caliente is home to Club Tijuana, a famous soccer team. Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe will appeal to those whose interest is beautiful architecture. The Tijuana Cultural Center is great for museum lovers. Finally, for those who love the water, Playas de Tijuana offers a relaxing spot for walking, shopping, and enjoying the local fare.

Pro Tip: Authorities require Mexico auto insurance policy to use the toll roads, so pick up car insurance for Mexico coverage ahead of time!

Why a Mexico auto insurance policy?

The top priority for a tourist who will drive in Mexico is securing coverage first, then seeing and doing. You don’t need to prove you have car insurance for Mexico coverage when you cross, but they might require you to produce it for an official if they stop you for speeding, a military checkpoint, or any other issues. You will also want to access your policy information quickly if you have a problem, such as a lockout during your sightseeing.

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  • Years back, Tijuana was a sketchy downtown alley. These days, Tijuana is the home to boutiques, music and shops where increasing number of artists display their stuff. Driving your vehicle with Mexico insurance is easy when going to this place.

  • Catarina Carrington
    July 25, 2016 5:55 pm

    If an official chases you, then you have no other option than to show your Mexican auto insurance. This document is important, although you may not be required to show it when entering the border.

  • Filiberto Metz
    July 26, 2016 6:05 pm

    Your car needs Mexico insurance if you plan to drive to Tijuana, Mexico. It’s mandatory for both tourists and motorists to have this type of insurance. This website allows you to learn more about this insurance.

  • Dennis Bowling
    August 12, 2016 5:15 pm

    For travellers and tourists, driving with Mexico insurance is a must. Most people can secure this insurance by going online. There are tons of insurance companies and coverage to select from. Mexico Insurance Store offers one of the best services.

  • El Popo offers one of the most beautiful and colourful markets in town. There are plenty of sweets, fresh cheese, kitchenware, candies…the list goes on. If you’re looking for a perfect shopping place, you can try El Popo.

  • Going Tijuana with Mexico insurance is pretty exciting. You can travel around and you’ll find the most prestigious restaurants to satisfy your craving. Eating luxuriously is one of the favourite’s activities in Mexico.

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