Beach Safety Is Important During Your Baja Camping Trip

It’s easy to let your guard down when you travel, and Mexico may seem carefree and exciting, leading to a lax approach to potentially dangerous situations. It is important to keep your guard up when you are spending time near or in the Pacific Ocean as you travel in Baja. Common sense is important, and a buddy system is also helpful for staying safe in rugged terrain. Your Mexican insurance for tourists won’t keep you out of rough waters and dangerous tides, but it could make a difference if you experience a medical emergency during your travels. Your top-rated Mexican auto insurance provides emergency medical support as well as other roadside services. Mexican insurance for tourists is now required in order to drive legally on any highway in Mexico.

Mexico car insurance
Camping at Isla Espiritu Baja

Watch the Tide

Even if you aren’t an experienced beach bum, you should have an understanding of tide coming in and going out. As the tide goes out, it can be tempting to explore exposed areas on foot and with your vehicle. There are some gorgeous stretches of beach in areas like San Quintín, and driving the beach can be exhilarating. You must pay attention to incoming tides to ensure that you don’t cut yourself off from access to the road. Additionally, you need to know that off-road driving will not be covered by your Mexican insurance for tourists. In fact, an incident in an off-road setting can make your top-rated Mexican auto insurance invalid. Additionally, damage caused by rising tidal water is excluded from EVERY policy in the Mexican insurance industry.

Be Aware of Big Waves

There are some beautiful cliffs and rock formations in various parts of Baja. However, a big wave can quickly take even an adult out to sea if the positioning is close enough to the water. If you are camping near cliffs, be very cautious about walking at night. If you are exploring during the day, it is wise to stay away from rugged edges. Your Mexican insurance for tourists from Mexican Insurance Store does not cover your medical care although you may contact the support center to get help with dispatching an ambulance or emergency personnel.

Mexican insurance for tourists from Mexican Insurance Store offers top-rated Mexican auto insurance including roadside assistance, legal and bail bond

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