Avoid Rocky Point Activity in El Desemboque Beach Areas With Mexican insurance for Nogales

Mexican insurance for Nogales

Punta Chueca and El Desemboque, Tiburon Island, Mexico

Avoid Rocky Point Conjestion in El Desemboque Beach Areas With Mexican insurance for Nogales

Sometimes, the best spots in Mexico are those that are a little off the beaten path. Rocky Point is a popular destination because of its proximity to the border and its location on the Sea of Cortez. El Desemboque might be just as popular if there were a highway connecting it to Rocky Point. Time to reach the area would be less as well. While this may eventually take place, the current out-of-the-way location makes it a great option if you want to avoid crowds while enjoying the Mexican coastline. Your Mexican insurance for Nogales can be handled from home so that you don’t need to stop at border sales points. Once you have your Mexican auto insurance for Nogales, the drive to El Desemboque will take approximately four hours. Although the distance isn’t extensive, don’t skip the purchase of Mexican car insurance for Nogales.

A Laid Back Fishing Village

One of the attractions bloggers note in their choice of El Desemboque is the freedom from the party crowd that can often inhabit the resorts and beaches of Rocky Point. If you are looking for a party atmosphere, Rocky Point may be ideal, especially during spring break. It can still be an enjoyable area for family travel, but you will want to get to know the best spots so that you can plan carefully. If you take the extra time needed to reach El Desemboque, you’ll find a vastly different atmosphere with a much quieter and more relaxing experience.

Accommodations in the community are limited with only one hotel available. However, travel by RV may prove helpful so that you are assured of a place to stay no matter what the hotel’s vacancy rate is. A restaurant is also associated with the hotel, enabling you to enjoy a prepared meal if you don’t want to handle your own cooking throughout the entire trip. Expect shopping opportunities to be limited, and be cognizant of your gasoline levels. Recognize also that you may need to carry sufficient currency for any costs you expect to incur during your stay. Small communities and villages in Mexico often lack banking facilities and ATMs, making it difficult to access cash without driving to a larger town.

Be Sure Your Mexican Insurance for Nogales Is Sufficient

Because you will be in a remote village, computer access may be limited. A decision to extend your stay beyond your Mexican car insurance for Nogales dates could leave you without coverage. If you can access the Internet with a wireless device, you may be able to supplement your Mexican auto insurance for Nogales in that manner. However, your best option is selecting enough Mexican insurance for Nogales before you ever cross the border.

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