August Fun in Rosarito, Mexico – Mexican Auto Insurance Policy

Rosarito offers one of the quickest options for a Mexican mini-vacation, providing a charming beach environment along with many activities for all ages. In fact, it might be considered a city of festivals for the summer months, offering wonderful activities throughout the season. A day-trip is easy, but don’t cross the border without a Mexican auto insurance policy. If you enjoy your first visit, you might want to buy a full year’s Mexico insurance for cars so that you can travel down for year-round festivals and fairs.


Some August Events to Enjoy

Fiesta Mexicana allows visitors to enjoy a folkloric program in addition to a dinner buffet every Saturday of the month. The location is the Salon Mexicano Rosarito, a hotel on the beach. With the evening timing, you may want to book a room and spend the night or even the full weekend. This will allow you to also take advantage of the gorgeous beach setting. Your Mexican auto insurance policy needs to be effective for the entirety of your stay, so be sure to update your Mexican insurance for cars if you extend your plans after enjoying the dinner and show.

Mexicali en la Playa is scheduled from August 14 to 17, considered the largest beach festival on the peninsula. Approximately 20 minutes south of the border, the event features music, sports activities and vendors. August 23 is the Baja Blues Fest, an annual event located at Rosarito Beach Hotel. The same hotel will host Sabor de Baja, a food and wine tasting festival on August 27. Labor Day weekend offers numerous events, including the Seafood Fair at Popotla Fisherman Village, Papas and Beer’s Labor Day Pool Party, and Rosarito Baja Sand, a sand figure competition with great food and music on the beach.

Safety and Common Sense

While the summer is winding down, temperatures can be higher during August. This makes it important to be smart about hydration and sun exposure. It’s also smart to play it safe with a good Mexican auto insurance policy. A Mexico insurance for cars with roadside assistance and other support features can be handy. This is especially true if you have a problem with your car at a festival site or if you break down between Rosarito and the border.

Mexican auto insurance policy from from comes with Roadside Assistance for your peace of mind.

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  • Minerva Mccrary
    December 9, 2015 5:02 pm

    No matter what your US insurer tells you, the policy it gives is not the proof of financial responsibility. It simply means you must get and use only a legitimate policy in Mexico. It’s a law the government legally implements.

  • I would love to take part in a Mexican religious festival and also go on a procession where people dance and wear a colorful dress code. It will not be good for anyone to leave the States and cross over to Mexico without getting Mexico insurance first as it is required by the law.

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