Are Food Carts Safe to Eat From?

There is a perception that food stands in Mexico are bad news for foreigners and that a case of stomach flu is just around the corner for those who sample such fare. However, you can’t generalize and just condemn all stands because of rumors. Similarly, you can’t just assume that all vehicle coverage is the same. Reliable Mexico auto insurance offers you high quality and important standards. And those features may not be available in other car insurance for Mexico. Be sure to research prior to traveling.

People eating tacos at a colorful Mexican food cart

So how can you tell?

The rule of thumb in Mexico is that anything on wheels could be questionable. Although some carts and vehicles have predictable locations and schedules, it can be hard to pinpoint these regularities unless you stay in a community for several weeks.  A stand, however, is somewhat permanent, making it difficult to relocate if those running it aren’t careful in their food handling.

A second issue to observe is the level of activity at a stand or restaurant. If you notice a spot that is rarely active, you may want to steer clear. If a stand is regularly active, appearing to have a booming business with a good number of patrons, they serve good food and you need to be there. (Avoid the tourist traps!)

Reliable Mexico insurance for tourists
Reliable Mexico auto insurance

Reliable Mexico auto insurance gives you peace of mind!

While the different providers of insurance policy sell authentic coverage, check them out to compare ratings, coverage, and other differences. Advance awareness of options can save you money at the border and help with problems such as your trip being canceled.  likes trip cancellation or interruption can be addressed. Mexico auto insurance at provides highly-rated policies and gives you easy access to compare, quote, buy and print!

Car Insurance for Mexico is necessary!

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  • Deandrea Manzo
    February 15, 2015 4:37 pm

    Like any other new place you are visiting, it is always important to take precaution about the food you are about to eat. If you are not accustomed to local cuisine, order dishes that you are familiar with. Also ensure that Medical Assistance is part of your Mexican insurance policy just in case you would need urgent medical aid.

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