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Mexico Insurance Coverage – Four things you should know when driving on Mexico freeways

Driving is driving, right? This may be true, but the laws from one nation to another may vary, meaning that your driving practices in one country might be questionable in another. You can’t make assumptions without facing serious consequences in the event that something goes awry, so it is important to be familiar with the expectations before you cross the border into Mexico. One example is your selection of Mexico insurance coverage. Don’t assume that your domestic policy will handle your losses in an accident. In fact, the company holding your loan may require that your Mexican auto insurance online meet certain standards before approving your travel with the vehicle on the other side of the border. Here are four important issues to understand before you take your vehicle across the border.

1. Mexico insurance coverage is required by law

You might think that you can get by without Mexican auto insurance online,  but this is a fallacy. Coverage is required for all motorists, including Mexicans. A lack of Mexico insurance coverage could put you in serious legal trouble if you are caught, especially if you have caused an accident with serious monetary damages.

2. A left blinker doesn’t always mean a left turn

On the highway, you may notice some vehicles signaling left when there isn’t even an option for turning left. This signal may indicate that it is safe to pass, a courtesy signal if you are on two-lane roads with limited visibility. Just be very careful with this.

3. Unexpected road features

Although some of the most curious features are present in cities, you can run into unexpected features in the road on a highway. For example, a speed bump could take you by surprise as you drive through a small town along one of the federal highways. Further, a lack of basic understanding could make it difficult for you to realize that the speed bump, tope, is ahead. Take time to notice visual cues with such signs, and be careful to respond to changes in speed limits.

Pro Tip: Mexico insurance coverage is required to use the toll roads.

4. Points of contact

It’s wise to have a reliable wireless device for communicating. Your Mexican auto insurance online allows you to get help with battery, tire, or gasoline problems. You can also get towing support to a nearby town if you have a serious breakdown.

Mexico insurance coverage from includes Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico at no additional cost

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  • Sharie Collis
    August 18, 2015 5:29 pm

    For Mexico tourists, the most common cause of car accident in highway is the narrow roadway. It can cause damages to cars and injuries to other vehicles and drivers. In times like these, your Mexican insurance is most needed

  • Armand Mchugh
    October 1, 2015 6:07 pm

    If you plan to travel at night in Mexico, make sure your car’s headlights are working and well-aligned for best lighting benefits. Also, bring your Mexico insurance all the time.

  • Miyoko Montague
    March 27, 2016 6:31 pm

    Whenever you’re planning on travelling in Mexico at night, always ascertain your car’s headlights are well working. And don’t forget to bring with you your Mexican auto insurance everytime.

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