3 Ways to Stretch Your Pesos During Your Mexican Trip – Buy Mexican insurance

Border travel is one of the easiest ways to start your vacation in Mexico on an affordable note. Although a flight to an exotic beach resort may be out of reach at the moment, a quick trip into Baja or Sonora could put you at the beach in an hour or less. As you go, you may want to keep costs to a minimum so that you can maximize your fun without worrying about balancing your budget. One of the most important ways to keep costs contained is to buy Mexican insurance for tourists online. Although you may be tempted to bypass the need for Mexican auto insurance online, that could be one of the most financially devastating decisions of the trip. Skimp where necessary, but don’t skip your motor vehicle coverage. You must Buy Mexican insurance and bring your policy in order to drive on any Federal highway in Mexico.

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Three Peso-Stretching Strategies

Keeping your costs down in Mexico requires a combination of low spending and smart exchange strategies. At the same time, you want to be vigilant about personal safety as you withdraw money or handle it.

1. Low Spending

Your costs will be higher in ritzier spots, making rural settings more affordable for hotels, restaurants, and markets. However, grocery prices tend to be higher in small shops in little towns. Look for groceries in larger cities like Ensenada or Rosarito. Additionally, consider shopping in those cities’ chain stores like Calimax for the best value. You can also keep some of these costs down by traveling with your own supplies, especially if your trip will be short.

2. Smart Exchange Strategies

Your dollars are likely to be spendable in Baja and in tourist areas close to the Mexican border. However, paying in dollars is likely to result in a slight loss of value as your exchange may be rounded off to favor the merchant. You may want to exchange dollars at a caseta de cambio or bank if you prefer to use pesos. Withdrawals at banks can incur foreign transaction fees, so be cautious about overdoing this.

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3. Personal Safety

Money handling can draw attention, especially if you flash a wad of cash in the wrong location. Keep track of your funds, and be discreet. Be vigilant about personal safety when you buy Mexican insurance for tourists online as well. Your Mexican auto insurance online limits your obligations in a wreck for which you are responsible. Consider full coverage when you buy Mexican insurance for tourists online to ensure that your own damages will be addressed.

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