3 Tips To Avoid Memorial Day Weekend Mexican Border Craziness

You may be set on the perfect getaway as you plan for a weekend in Mexico. However, you might not be aware that the return trip can be extended by several hours as you wait in a crowded line at the border. It is important to be sure that your top-rated Mexico insurance is active through the time of your departure because fender benders in the borderline are still under Mexican jurisdiction. Your Mexican auto insurance allows you some leeway that a policy purchased at the border may not. Following are some important tips to keep your sanity during that crazy border wait.

1. Obtain a Fast Pass

Some Baja businesses afford you the opportunity to use a fast pass to leave the country at the conclusion of your stay. You must patronize a participating business to be eligible, and certain types of vehicles are ineligible. Motorcycles and trailer-towing vehicles, for example, are not covered under the Fast Pass program. Additionally, only foreign-plated vehicles can participate. Hotels, restaurants, and some medical providers may offer this option. You must still carry Mexican auto insurance to use the Fast Pass lane. However, your chances of getting into an accident decrease with this quick exit option.

A quick tip: Mexican auto insurance is required to use the toll roads, so remember to pick up your top-rated Mexico insurance policy before leaving!

Long lines at the Tijuana border crossing

2. Stock up on cold drinks and snacks

If you are game for some fun, the border crossing on your return trip can be a key element of the cultural experience as you complete your trip. Prepare to face vendors galore as you move inches at a time during your wait in line. Cold drinks, especially water, are important. This is particularly true if you are traveling during warm weather. You can also buy sodas, water, and other treats during your wait in the line at the border as vendors look for the slightest indication of interest. If you aren’t buying, keep your eyes straight ahead to avoid drawing attention.

3. Update your top-rated Mexico insurance policy and stay an extra day

If you decide to stay an extra day, you can typically miss the crowds that would otherwise compete to exit Mexico. You can update your Mexican auto insurance online as you buy additional coverage for that extra day. Remember that the law requires that your Mexico insurance be active as long as your vehicle is on Mexican soil.

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