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It is the prime whale-viewing season in Baja, and you still have a couple of months to fit in a trip to see the magnificent creatures. However, you don’t want to be disappointed in not seeing whales when you go, which may require a bit of planning and time. You may want to leave some room in your Mexican insurance for travelers so that you can stay longer if you aren’t having any luck in your viewing venture. You can also buy supplemental Mexico insurance online if you need to extend your time in the country.

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Whale watching, San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja

1. Patience and Time

Whales operate on their terms, not needing to follow the sleep patterns we are accustomed to. You may want to spend hours in a known whale area as you observe. However, you will need to be patient as you wait. In the blink of an eye, a mother and baby can swim by your spot, and if you aren’t ready, you’ll miss the view.

2. Good Timing

Whale activity in Baja continues through the latter part of April, but your chances of viewing the grays as they head north will dwindle. Some stragglers may still be in the area, but try to plan your trip earlier in April, if not sooner.

3. Tours vs. Self-Guided Viewing

A whale-watching tour doesn’t typically offer a 100-percent guarantee of a sighting. However, tour guides are accustomed to the areas in which they operate. This will improve your chances of an up-close experience. On your own, you may miss the mark in finding a good viewing location. Brush up on your Spanish so that you can ask questions.

Get the Right Mexican insurance for travelers.

Most whale-watching activities are in southern Baja, which means you will need high liability limits when buying your Mexico insurance online. However, you may find some excellent options in Baja Norte as well. In addition, your liability limits will be lower for a Baja Norte policy. Still, if you aren’t sure whether you will cross into the southern state, you will want to select high-limit Mexican insurance for travelers from Mexican Insurance Store.

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