3 Important Tips for Spring Break in Mexico’s Tourist Corridors – Mexican auto insurance for tourists

Although you may just be heading back to school after winter break, spring break is close enough that your plans may be in motion for a simple but fun getaway to Mexico. Who needs to spend outrageous sums on far-away destinations when many cities in tourist corridors offer the excitement of the beach and the freedom of being in a foreign setting? However, your travel south of the border can go south in a heartbeat if you aren’t prepared for some situations. Mexican auto insurance coverage for tourists is an excellent example. An accident without top-rated Mexican insurance can land you in jail and ruin your trip. Mexican auto insurance for tourists is now required in order to drive on any Federal highway in Mexico.

Spring Break – Rocky Point

1. Do I Really Need Mexican Driving Insurance for Tourists?

Students may be used to cutting corners to keep costs down. However, your top-rated Mexican insurance is not a good corner to cut. Back home, a lack of coverage in an accident might result in fines or eventual consequences. In Mexico, you might end up in jail in certain cases due to your lack of Mexican auto insurance for tourists. This is true especially if you cause a car accident. Your coverage is your proof of ability to pay if you are responsible for damages, and your jail time might not end until you satisfy a financial obligation. Additionally, a lack of Mexican driving insurance for tourists means that you are on your own in finding legal counsel. This is one area that is crucial for safeguarding your plans.

2. Napoleonic Code

Although Mexico appreciates the economic impact of tourism during seasons such as spring break, this is not license to disobey the law. Blatant illegal activities can also leave you languishing in a Mexican jail regardless of whether you carry appropriate vehicle coverage or not. Napoleonic law involves a presumption of guilt, not innocence, so it’s better to avoid brushes with the law.

3. Remember Your Passport

Although you might get into Mexico without showing your passport, you will definitely need it to leave. Don’t cross the border without it. If you plan to travel into Mexico for spring break and don’t have a passport or passport card, start the process right away.

Mexican auto insurance for tourists from MexicanInsuranceStore.com comes with Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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