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21. I have a question about towing RVs, motor homes, ATVs, cars or similar items. Can you help?

Various factors come into play when it comes to towing things like motor homes, RVs, ATVs and vehicles. We are happy to help you out with your Mexican auto insurance needs, but we need to get more specific information from you before we can do so. Our goal is to provide the most effective, useful and affordable Mexican insurance around. As a result, we need to learn more about the circumstances of your situation before we can sell you a policy.

If you have a special situation like this, please give us a call at (888) 800-9988. One of our experienced customer service representatives will be happy to talk to you about the Mexican auto insurance solution that’s right for you. Rest assured that we will do everything that we can to provide you with a policy that will protect you as much as possible. Unlike other companies, we are willing to go the extra mile for you to get you just what you need.

We are happy to supply you with top notch Mexican car insurance for your vehicle, even if it will be towing something else. However, you must let us know beforehand that your vehicle will be used for towing purposes. Failure to inform us of this fact – and to have it expressed within your Mexican insurance policy – will make the hauling vehicles policy null and void.

When you go online to buy your Mexican auto insurance, make sure that you know whether or not you will be towing a car, boat or trailer during your south-of-the-border visit. (Boat and trailer are 2 hauled vehicles) Plan ahead so that you buy the right kind of coverage. If something comes up and your circumstances change, make sure to contact Mexican Insurance Store right away. That way, we can update your coverage so that you are adequately protected. Remember that driving around Mexico without proper Mexican car insurance coverage can land you in jail or cause other serious issues. Don’t risk it – keep us in the loop about what you will be using your car for while traveling in Mexico.

The towed vehicle, trailer or boat must be listed on the policy with the towing vehicle. Otherwise, the towing vehicle's policy coverage is voided in the event of an accident or loss. Contact 1-888-800-9988.

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towing RVs, motor homes, ATVs, cars