Is my coverage valid anywhere in Mexico?

Yes, certainly. Unless otherwise stated, any policy you acquire through Mexican Insurance Store is valid in all of Mexico. You may feel confident that your Mexican insurance coverage from Mexican Insurance Store will cover you while traveling across the border to visit Tijuana or on a road trip all the way down to Cancun. Chubb Platinum now gives a discount for visitors who travel only in the states of Baja North, Baja South, or Sonora. Your territory is limited to these three states if you choose this option.

It's worth noting that in the United States and Canada, automobile insurance policies may cover a limited amount of physical damage to your vehicle within the border zone. However, your domestic car insurance physical damage protection may be excluded once you drive a few miles into Mexico; therefore, you are operating without valid Mexican insurance coverage. Domestic liability coverage is invalid and not recognized in all of Mexico.

Yes, our policies provide insurance coverage within all of Mexico, unless otherwise stated.

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