Is it important to have car insurance for Mexico when driving?

If you think that car insurance for Mexico is designed to be used in addition to a U.S.- or Canada-based policy, think again. The reason that you need insurance for cars in Mexico when driving is because your Canada-based or U.S.-based policy is rendered null and void as soon as you cross the border. Even if your regular policy claims to provide coverage in Mexico, it will only be for a few miles within the border and it will cover only the physical damage to your vehicle - it wont cover the damages you are deemed to have done to others and it won't come with the perks and extras that quality insurance for cars in Mexico will.

In the unfortunate event of an accident in Mexico, the authorities' first priority - after ensuring that injured people are taken care of - concerns money. They need to make sure that they receive proof of financial responsibility from those who are involved. They will look to you, then, for proof of Mexico insurance. If you are unable to produce it, you will could easily be in for a long, rough time.

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