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Federal 502 Law

Mexico car insurance labor law

18. What Mexico car insurance liability limits should I have?


In early 2013, Mexico announced updates to their Federal Labor Law (Article 502). The Law is used as the basis by each State to compute payment amounts for dependents when an at fault accident happens and a death occurrs in a car accident. For many years, liability limits in an at-fault death were calculated on 700 days of compensation. The new law says a dependent must now be compensated 5,000 days.

It all depends on what State the accident happens in, and also what Mexico car insurance liability limits you have chosen. Most likely you will need to buy higher limits than in the past.

Please review the amounts needed for different Mexico states below. Review the chart and evaluate the best limits for your needs.

Compensation Expected For The Dependents Of Any Deceased Person In An At-Fault Car Accident in Mexico MEXICO/USA Currency Conversion Rate = 15 x 1

States interpret Federal Laws themselves and follow their own civic and criminal regulations.

How will these states apply them to you.

Liability Limits Needed - Each Fatality

Coahuila $538,874

Yucatan $543,782

Nayarit $406,234

Campeche $361,456

Guanajuato $361,843

Baja Calif Sur $324,789

Michoacan $308,123

Distrito Fed. $309,836

Queretaro $294,045

Jalisco $232,836

Guerrero $191,078

Chihuahua $167,742

Baja CA Norte $143,456

Morelos $126,986

Sinaloa $113,532

S Luis Potosi $104,683

Oaxaca $78,834

Nuevo Leon $69,543

Hidalgo $68,348

Est de Mexico $47,832

Aguascalientes $47,631

Colima $46,112

Durango $46,445

Quinatna Roo $46,369

Zacatecas $45,732

Veracruz $23,842

Chiapas $22,987

Tamaulipas $14,854

Tabasco $6,732

Puebla $5,853

Tlaxcala $4,459

Sonora $4,089

Please note: We provides liability limits up to one million dollars US.

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