Is it possible to buy Mexican auto insurance for a limousine or similar for hire services?

NO. For-hire vehicles of any sort are not covered by our Mexico car insurance policies. It makes no difference whether the vehicle will carry passengers or goods; it is not eligible for one of our policies regardless of whether it is registered in the United States, Canada, or another country with a foreign plate. Private cars and people with other foreign plates are fine. However, because Mexico-plated vehicles are always excluded from all programs, you'll have to look somewhere else for the coverage you need for Mexico plated vehicles.

Another thing to bear in mind is that we do not offer coverage for rental cars with Mexican plates. We can, however, assist you if you rent a vehicle in the United States and drive it south of the border. When it comes to providing outstanding Mexican insurance rates in 2022, there's no one else but us!

Limos or other vehicles for hire whether for public transportation of passengers or cargo are prohibited from all programs. (Rental cars with United States or Canadian plates that enter Mexico are permissible.)

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