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18. Can I insure for-hire vehicles, like limousines, through Mexican Insurance Store?

NO. Mexican Insurance Store does not offer Mexico Car insurance coverage for for-hire vehicles of any kind. It doesn't matter if the vehicle in question will be used to transport passengers or cargo; either way, it is not eligible be insured under one of our insurance policies. We strictly handle car insurance for Mexico for private vehicles and passengers with US/Canadian/ or Foreign Plates other than Mexico plates. (Mexico plated vehicles are always excluded from all programs) You will have to check elsewhere to find the coverage that you need..

One important thing to keep in mind, too, is that we do not provide Mexico insurance for rental cars with Mexican plates. If you rent a car in the States, though, and drive it into Mexico, we can help you out. When it comes to first-rate Mexican insurance Online, you can't do better than Mexican Insurance Store! .

Limos or other vehicles for hire whether for public transportation of passengers or cargo are prohibited from all programs. (Rental Cars with U.S. plates driving into Mexico are OK.)

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