Mexico Insurance through Mexican Insurance and Mexican Holidays

Mexico Insurance through Mexican Insurance and Mexican Holidays

Unlike most countries, Mexico has festivals and celebrations constantly. While it is always fun to attend a party, many of Mexico’s holidays have a significant meaning with the country’s people.

Remember, driving in Mexico without Mexico Insurance through Mexican Insurance is NOT recommended. You must have Mexico car  Insurance through Mexican Insurance because US and Canadian car insurance coverage is not valid and you will be detained (jail) if you cant pay damages you do to others. Mexico Insurance through Mexican Insurance is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico. You must have a valid Mexico car Insurance through Mexican Insurance policy otherwise you risk being jailed in at fault auto accident.

Visiting Mexico during a given holiday allows visitors to immerse themselves in Mexican culture while learning about the meaning behind each holiday. Just as Americans celebrate New Year’s Day on January 1st; so does Mexico. Afterwards, preparations are mad to celebrate many religious holidays later that month. Día de Los Santos Reyes, celebrated on January 6th, recognizes the journey of the three kings in the Bible. To commemorate this experience, Mexicans give gifts on this day, and not on Christmas Day. Don’t be surprised if your hotel leaves you a special gift in your room, as this is the reason why.

Touring historic churches is a great way to learn about Spanish architecture. If visiting in mid-January, don’t be surprised if you see animals inside. Whereas the Catholic Church in America celebrates the blessing of animals as St. Francis’ Day, Mexico refers to this event as the Feast Day of de San Antonio de Abad.

If looking to celebrate Mardi Gras Mexican-style, be sure to attend Carnaval. Lasting five days, this event is celebrated the weekend before Lent. Similar to the American festival, Carnaval features parade floats, elaborate costumes and other street entertainment.

Celebrated May 5th, Cinco de Mayo is known world-wide as one of Mexico’s most famous holidays. This celebration recognized the Mexican victory over the French in 1862, and is a holiday expressing national pride. Later in May, if looking to do something nice for your mother, bring her to Mexico. Mexico is a culture that honors mothers for all of their hard work. On Mother’s Day, consider taking her out for dinner, booking her a spa treatment or arranging a private tour for her on this special day.

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Mexico Insurance through Mexican Insurance

Cinco De Mayo

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    It’s worth planning your trip to Mexico with an expert travel guide. It makes every trip a lot easier and happier! Just remember Mexican auto insurance coverage.

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