Historical Centers in Guadalajara and Car Insurance For Mexico!

Catedral Guadalajara

If visiting Guadalajara for the first time or if you have already visited this marvelous city, one of the top places that you cannot miss to visit includes the great historic centers. These centers will give you a taste of colonial architecture which has made this city stand out from the other Mexican cities. The historical sites are also an ideal place to help you familiarize with the city’s rich cultural history.

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The colonial cathedral is a good starting point for a visit. It dominates the landscape of Guadalajara’s historic center. You can take a walking tour through this wonderful city where you will be able to see various cultural centers as you find your way to other historic centers within the area. Unique horse drawn carriages, also Calandria can also be used when sightseeing. Should you have your own vehicle, it is best to use it only if it has legal insurance for Mexico.

It is best to get insurance before you travel and also to get one that will serve you during your whole stay in Mexico. Visitors can always get authorized Car insurance for Mexico online from quality insurance for Mexico companies. As one of the most influential cities in Mexico, Guadalajara boasts a wide range of historic center attractions which include the famous government palace, plaza de Armas, Plaza de Los Laurels, Ex Convento del Carmen, Plaza de los Mariachis, Templo Expiatorio, Libertad Market and many other significant historical centers.

All these centers are not only impressive but important landmarks for the city and retain much of the city’s historic characters. Some of these centers also offer a wide range of other activities like hosting of events like concerts, dancing and theatrical performances. Also, a variety of colorful flowers act as attraction sights that are likely to impress you as you experience the charm of these centers.

The city’s museums mirror on the history of Guadalajara through contemporary paintings and sculptures. Additionally, you can also find shopping centers within the historic center. This will include one of the largest markets in Latin America, Mercado Libertad, where you can get a wide selection of shopping items like food stuff, curios, leather goods, sculptures and many more.

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