Mexican Insurance Announces New Website Design and Features!

In a move that highlights its continued dedication to providing high-quality Mexican insurance, Mexican Insurance Store recently unveiled a revamped website and a brand-new logo. The popular online Mexican auto insurance provider, whose principals have been involved in the commercial insurance industry since 1979, underwent a long process before arriving at the new logo and layout. “It was a labor of love,” says Linden Gray, the founder and Director of the leading Mexican car insurance provider. “We wanted to get it just right, and I believe that we did.” The website’s new design is clean and streamlined; the logo, which features a key motif, includes the slogan, “The key to your protection.” Adds Gray,”We couldn’t be happier with how well the logo and website go together.”

The new logo is brightened up by abstract rays that radiate out from the boldly printed company name and is shown on all pages except the opening page. The result brings to mind sunny Mexican beaches and fun-filled vacations. The key emblem is really meant to take center stage, however. “While we were brainstorming new slogans, it occurred to us that sticking with driving-themed wording was smart,” says one Mexican Insurance Store manager. “A key is a very symbolic thing, but it also makes sense from a driving standpoint. After we came up with the new slogan, it made perfect sense to incorporate a key into the design of the logo.”

There’s another good reason for the website’s new slogan. “We truly do offer the key to travelers’ protection down in Mexico,” says Gray, who points to the fact that Mexican Insurance Store only offers coverage from A-rated insurers. “We don’t even bother with Mexico car insurance policies by insurers with ratings that are below that,” he says. “We want our customers to be confident about the quality of the coverage that they get. When a person visits our site, they can rest assured that they are getting exceptional coverage at a competitive price.” The fact that Mexican Insurance Store only offers policies by A-rated insurance simplifies the process of finding first-rate coverage.

In addition to implementing the creative new logo, Mexican Insurance Store has unveiled a fresh new look. The redesigned website is cleaner and more streamlined. There is a lot more “white space,” which makes it easier to take in all of the available information. “I’m really impressed with the site’s new look,” says one longtime customer. “I’ve always enjoyed ordering car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store and have never had any problems. The site’s new design just makes it even better. They did a really nice job with it!” The same sentiment is being echoed by many of the site’s other regular customers. “Customer feedback has been very positive,” says the manager. “The new design is a keeper.”

While the appearance of the Mexican Insurance Store website may have changed, the company’s commitment to offering high-quality coverage at affordable prices has not. “Our wrapper may be shiny and new, but we still offer the same best deals for Mexican auto insurance,” says Gray. “We feel that the style of site and the new logo represent the company a lot more effectively.” The same quick and easy ordering process is still available. In fact, new visitors will find it even simpler and easier than ever.

About Mexican Insurance

Mexican Insurance Store is the largest provider of Mexican Car Insurance in South California’s Inland Empire, the 3rd most populous metropolitan area in California. The company offers a variety of Mexico car insurance policies online and provides Mexican auto insurance to Canada and US travelers nationwide. Self-service policies are purchased and printed instantly by customers or created by Mexican Insurance Store and emailed or faxed to customers in minutes at no additional charge. For additional information click Mexican insurance Store Online or call 888 800 9988 or 951 657 4220.

Mexican Insurance Store
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Perris, CA 92571
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