Mexican Insurance and Military Checkpoints!

One thing people are often worried about when traveling to Mexico is the situation of stopping at a military checkpoint. Military checkpoints are common south of the border, but they shouldnt worry you. While you should review and compare the Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Store you can find, you arent going to be asked for it at such checkpoints. That doesnt mean you should go without Mexican auto insurance online though. You should make a point of buying best quality Mexican insurance online before you head south of the border. Learn more about Mexican insurance and dealing with military checkpoints by checking out the following info.

What to Expect

Half the time, you arent even going to have to stop at military checkpoints. When you see one up ahead however, you should definitely slow down. As you approach, you should be prepared to stop. Theres a very good chance that you will be waved through. If that happens, proceed slowly and continue on down the road. Dont let the military uniforms of the men at such checkpoints intimidate you. They are trained to be extremely polite to tourists. Tourism is important to the Mexican economy, so you shouldnt be concerned about being treated poorly at these checkpoints.

Mexican Auto Insurance Online

Some people mistakenly believe that they will be asked to show proof of Mexican insurance at military checkpoints. That is not the case. You may be asked for your tourist permit, your photo ID, your passport and other documentation, but the authorities at these checkpoints arent interested in seeing your Mexican insurance information as they are looking for contraband. In fact, you will only be asked for it in the aftermath of auto accidents. When passing through the border, you won’t be asked for it either. You should still make a point of keeping it with the rest of your important paperwork though.


If you are stopped for an inspection, dont worry, they are usually pretty cursory. The military men may ask you where you are coming from and where you are going, so be prepared to answer those types of questions. The odds are good that they wont speak any English. If they decide to search your vehicle, get out and step out of the way. In most cases, such searches only take a few short minutes. Dont take it personally; random searches are par for the course. In no time flat, you will be on your way and will be able to enjoy your vacation. Best Mexican insurance and military checkpoints!

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  • Seeing a checkpoint? Don’t escape or run from it. They’re men of power showing you their gun if you are stubborn enough. Don’t be afraid though.

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