Mexican Auto Insurance Reviews and the Green Angels!

Nobody heads down to Mexico with the intention of breaking down and ending up on the side of the road. Its always smart to have your car checked out before you head south of the border. Its imperative to check Mexican auto insurance reviews at as well. Did you know that you can buy Mexican insurance online that includes roadside assistance? This is a great option to consider because it kills two birds with one stone: Mexico car insurance and help in case you break down. Even without roadside assistance, you may be able to turn to the Green Angels for help.

Who are the Green Angels?

Departments of transportation around the U.S. often patrol major highways to check for stranded motorists. Mexico has its own version of such a service: the Green Angels. The group gets its name because its fleet consists of bright green trucks. At any given moment on a Mexican freeway, you are sure to see one cruising along. They basically look out for motorists who have broken down and need assistance. Even in the age of cell phones, this type of service is very necessary and under appreciated.

The Angeles Verdes

If you break down in Mexico and dont have roadside assistance through your Mexican insurance online policy, don’t panic. People obviously break down in Mexico all the time. Make sure that your vehicle is safely off of the road. The most dangerous possibility is being hit by an oncoming car. You should exit your vehicle and get safely out of the way. Keep your eyes peeled for the telltale green vehicles that are driven by the Angeles Verdes or Green Angels. If you are on a major highway, the odds are good that you will see one coming along soon enough.

Getting Assistance

The Green Angels are able to perform a large array of repairs right on the spot without requiring the need to check out Mexican auto insurance reviews. Unless you need a part or require extensive repairs, the assistance will be provided to you free of charge. It is customary to provide a tip though, so you should make sure to do so. The Green Angels can also help out with directions. If you are involved in an accident, they will make sure that emergency crews are on their way. In short, the Green Angels perform a wide range of very important services, so you should never feel alone on Mexican freeways. Mexico car Insurance and the Green Angels.

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  • Elise Ernest
    July 27, 2014 5:09 pm

    Green Angels saved me one occasion when my car broke down and had no idea of where to call for help. They are fast and effective guys.My Mexican insurance policy would have worked, but they happened to be very close.

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