Mexican Insurance is Vital: Your Regular US or Canadian Car Insurance Won’t Work in Mexico!

After spending so much time finding the perfect US or Canadian car insurance policy, you’ll probably be bummed to find out that it doesn’t work down in Mexico. Many US and Canadian drivers are surprised to learn that their regular car insurance policies don’t cover them south of the border. To drive your sedan, pickup truck or van safely and legally, you always need Mexican insurance by It is not a gimmick. By law, all drivers must have Mexican insurance coverage. If you’re involved in a car wreck and don’t have Mexico car insurance for traveling in Mexico, you will probably go to jail.

Mexican Insurance and The Law

People are often confused when they learn that jail is a possible consequence for traveling without Mexican car insurance when driving in Mexico. However, the law in Mexico is different than it is in the U.S. There is no way for the authorities in Mexico to process auto insurance policies that come from outside the country. The only way to ensure that you are adequately protected – and to avoid jail – is by keeping valid Mexico car insurance with you at all times.

When You Need Mexican car insurance

You might think that you’re a safe driver and don’t need to worry about carrying Mexican insurance, so why bother? That’s a very dangerous way to think. You might be a great driver, but you can’t control other people. If someone else isn’t paying attention and hits you, you will technically be involved in an accident. The cops will need to see proof of Mexico car insurance. They won’t care whether it’s your fault or not. If you don’t have it, off to jail you will go.

Get it before You Leave

You can actually get Mexican car insurance< before leaving home. It's available online. Just make sure to get a comprehensive quote to ensure that you get the right kind of Mexican insurance coverage. That's also the best way to get the lowest prices as well. Print out a few extra copies of your policy to be extra safe. Keep one in your glove box, one in your wallet and another one in your luggage. Have another person keep a copy as well. Mexico Car Insurance is Vital.

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