Your Mexico Insurance Team’s Top Tips for a Smoother Group Trip

Your Mexico insurance with Team’s Top Tips for a Smoother Group Trip

The spring and summer service season in Mexican communities is approaching, and the team for Mexico insurance with is ready to provide you with some pointers for making it a great experience. As you deal with details like your Mexican auto insurance online policy, we realize that you may be coordinating a caravan of two or more vehicles for adults, young adults or teens. Staying together and driving safely is a priority, and we draw on our own experiences as we make a few recommendations for a smoother trip and more rewarding experience.


10 years ago, cell service in Mexico was costly in terms of roaming charges. Two-way radios were the standard for teams heading south to stay in contact. Today, you can check with your wireless carrier for information about international calling plans. We realize that you will be most comfortable with your own devices, and we recommend evaluating the temporary additions of international calling to the plans of your leaders. For easy communication, blog updates or social media connections, you will want to verify whether international data usage is included. Remember to check your Mexico insurance with to make sure your policy has not expired.

Kids and communication

While your younger travelers may want to keep in touch with parents, you will need to help parents consider how to augment student cellphone coverage for international travel. While texting Mom and Dad may be helpful, catching up on social media feeds may be a distraction that could rack up high bills for parents. Set some guidelines and stick to them.

Social interaction

The service groups that tend to get the most out of their time in Mexico are those that include some opportunities for social activities with local residents. Allow your group members to work on language skills, try new foods and participate in games and other activities so that they can develop an appreciation for those they may be helping.

Mexico insurance with is necessary!

Travel emergencies can occur, and being prepared means selecting a quality Mexican auto insurance online policy that will cover you when something goes wrong. Your team has been using and providing Mexico insurance with for many years, and we recognize how overwhelming it can be to try to fix a vehicle problem while dealing with a Spanish-speaking mechanic. Travel assistance included in your Mexican auto insurance online policy from MexicanInsuranceStore.comcan connect you with bilingual help.

Mexico insurance with gives you peace of mind!

Mexico insurance with
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  • Kasie Shrum
    May 13, 2014 4:00 pm

    As holiday seasons starts, various families, students, friends prepare planning for Mexico, It is required to get your vehicle insured from Mexican auto insurance in order to enjoy scenic spots and have a joyful time rather then get into some unpleasant incident.

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