As students prepare to take some time away from the books this spring, the exchange rate of approximately 15 pesos to one dollar makes Mexico an attractive destination, allowing budget-minded college students to make their vacation dollars really stretch. You don’t need to worry about exchange rates as you buy a top-rated Mexico Insurance online since it’s available here and you can pay in dollars. However, you also don’t want to cut corners by looking for the cheapest coverage. With reputable Mexico auto insurance, you may find that low prices are easily accessible along with high-quality coverage.

Spring Break in Mexico

How much difference does the exchange rate make?

With Mexican items typically priced in pesos, you can buy more with a dollar than in years past. For small things like tacos or sodas, this may not seem like a major benefit. However, paying for an expensive hotel with the current exchange rate can make a big difference. If your rental or hotel room is priced at 1,000 pesos, for example, you can expect to pay the equivalent of $67 this year in comparison to an estimated $77 with last year’s exchange of 13 to one. You may not notice this difference on a day-to-day basis. However, over the course of your spring break in Mexico, those extra pesos could add up.

Note: Authorities require Mexico auto insurance to drive on the toll highways.

Top-rated Mexico insurance online

Why is buying Mexico Auto Insurance inside Mexico a bad idea?

Although the exchange rate may be a tempting reason to buy coverage in Mexico, your options are typically more reliable if you buy Mexico insurance online at home. You can review the different providers and terms. This will allow you to select a policy that best meets your needs in coverage and costs. A top-rated Mexico auto insurance online will be in place prior to your crossing the border in this way. Once you are on Mexican soil, an accident can be a problem if you lack proper vehicle coverage. Your failure to secure Mexico insurance could leave you in a precarious situation, owing money before you’ve even had your first taco.

If you cross the border before securing a top-rated Mexico Insurance online, just pull over and buy a policy using your iPhone!

Top-rated Mexico Insurance online from Mexican Insurance includes Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge

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