Visit the World’s Third-Tallest Monolith in Queretaro, Mexico!

Mexico features some of the most amazing terrain in the world. It’s a shame that so few people venture beyond its beaches. If you’re going to be heading through the state of Queretaro, you should make a point of swinging by the small town of San Sebastian Bernal. Nearby, you will find La Pena de Bernal, which roughly translates to mean “Bernal Peak.” It’s not a mountain though; it’s a monolith, and it’s actually the third-tallest one in the entire world. With decent Mexican insurance coverage by Mexican Insurance Store, you can safely navigate there to check it out.

What’s in a Monolith?

Right off the top of your head, you may not know what a monolith even is. Here’s an example: The Rock of Gibralter is the tallest monolith in the world. Sugarloaf Mountain, near Rio de Janeiro, is the second-tallest monolith on the planet. A monolith is a massive, continuous piece of rock or stone that’s been exposed through geological forces. You can’t helped but be awed when you see this 1,150-foot-tall monolith in person. It’s well worth a quick side trip if you’re in the area.

Experiencing La Pena de Bernal

You can do more than just gaze slack-jawed at La Pena de Bernal. Although you can’t hike to its summit without some serious mountaineering and rock-climbing skills and gear, you can get halfway up it, where you will find a small chapel. Before continuing on your way, make sure your Mexican auto insurance. Don’t forget to snap plenty of pics while you’re there too. Photos don’t really do it justice, but you’ll want to be able to show friends and relatives what you experienced during your unforgettable vacation in Mexico.  If you want to know more on La Pena de Bernal, then check out here.

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  • Scott Baliunas
    July 4, 2013 5:36 pm

    Mexico has world’s third largest pyramid in the world so why not take your family there for a trip this summer and enjoy beauty closer to home.

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