Visit the Oldest Mine in Guanajuato and Read Mexican Insurance Buying Advice

Precious metals and minerals are what put Guanajuato on the map in the first place. All these years later, the small mining town continues to produce those minerals and metals. No visit here is complete without a trip to a local mine. Most people visit La Valenciana because it is the most prominent mine. Tours are also available at that mine, and you should definitely visit it. However, you should also stop by Mina Rayas, which is the oldest mine in Guanajuato. It operates to this very day.

Arm Yourself with Mexican Insurance Buying Advice before Driving to Mina Rayas

There’s no easy way to get to Mina Rayas without a car. If you’re going to drive there though, you absolutely need to read Mexican Insurance buying advice. Mina Rayas is located on a hill on the edge of the city. If you somehow are involved in an accident along the way and don’t have Car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store, you could get locked up, which would definitely put a damper on your fun. That’s why you need to check out Mexican insurance buying advice and buy high quality car insurance for Mexico in order to drive you car in Mexico. Although you can’t go inside the actual mine, the views that you’ll enjoy from its garden are quite nice.

Facts about the Mine

Mina Rayas was discovered by a man named Juan Rayas around the year 1550. It was subsequently named after him. The mine immediately started producing all kinds of minerals and metals. Its heyday happened during the 17th century, but it continues to be very productive to this very day. The remains of an old church, which was used by the miners who worked here, are still standing. Make sure to check them out before you leave. Set aside an hour or two because you’re sure to be blown away by the amazing views.

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