Senor Mex says: I couldn’t agree with this post more. While it’s true that there are dangerous areas in Mexico, the idea of completely avoiding the country when traveling with kids is ridiculous. Mexico has a lot to offer, and it’s right on the same continent as the United States. As a result, it is an affordable way to show the kids a whole different country.

Always check State Department alerts before heading down to Mexico. Make sure to keep a valid Mexican auto insurance policy from Mexican Insurance Store with you at all times. Otherwise, you can pretty much stick to your usual travel habits while you’re south of the border with kids. That’s especially true if you choose to stay at a resort, where everything will be provided for you. Just make sure the kids know not to drink the water unless it’s bottled. Remember the Mexican auto insurance policy from Mexican Insurance Store.

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“Preparing to cross the U.S./Mexican border along a road trip our family of seven was taking from Alaska to Argentina (in a veggie powered truck), the comments and concern for our safety didn’t come as a surprise. We knew what the media was saying and “common knowledge” on the current state of affairs south of the border.

In the minds of many Americans, Mexico was a “lawless, violent, dangerous” country, an “unnecessary risk” – a country that “keeps getting worse.”

What kind of Mexican auto insurance policy do you buy when you travel to Mexico?

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Documents Kids Need to Get into Mexico including Mexico Car Insurance?

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