Top Shoe Box Fillers for Mexican Community Outreaches

Many north-of-the-border groups and organizations enjoy helping those in need during the holidays in Mexico, and shoeboxes have become a popular option for packing small gifts for children. Remember to invest in the best available Mexican insurance policy for visitors for travel during the holidays to ensure that they protect you in case of accident or emergency driving situations. You’ll find the best Mexico insurance coverage online as you prepare for your travels.

Operation Christmas Child – Shoebox

What to Include in a Shoe Box for a Mexican Child

As you think through your group’s project, advanced awareness of the ages to receive gifts can be helpful. Following are some great items to include based on the ages of recipients:

  • Infants – realistically, these shoeboxes are aimed more at parental needs for infants. Include items such as pacifiers, rattles, warm sleepers, and small blankets. Feeding spoons and sets can also be excellent for inclusion.
  • Toddlers – dolls and trucks are fairly popular in this age group. Avoid small pieces that would pose risks of choking. Additionally, grooming items such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and combs can be helpful. Bouncy balls that are too big for the mouth are excellent as well.
  • Elementary ages – dolls and cars are great, and for older children, more intricate items may be appropriate. Additionally, art supplies, drawing pads, and school materials can be helpful. Include fun items like jacks or bouncy balls, but remember a few practical items as well.
  • Teens – many shoebox gifts are targeted at younger children, but if teens are included, puzzles and puzzle toys are excellent options. Additionally, nice drawing and writing tools can be helpful. Solar calculators also work well.

Remember a Mexico Insurance Coverage

If you plan to tow a trailer filled with shoe boxes, then you will need to include that trailer in your insurance policy. In a towing accident, a lack of this best Mexico insurance coverage could result in your policy being voided. If another vehicle handles the towing and has mechanical trouble, you should log onto your account to add the trailer to your Mexican insurance policy for visitors before proceeding to tow. Make sure that each vehicle in your group has its own insurance coverage.

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  • Wear shoes because soil transmitted germs are no joke in Mexico. It takes some efforts to really stay healthy in Mexico.

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