Road Trip To-Do List: Get Mexican Insurance Coverage!

Whether you’re driving to Mexico to shop the mercados for a day or heading south on an epic coastline adventure, one thing you must consider before crossing the bridge: what happens if you get in an accident?

Depending on how you answer this question, you may end up in a Mexican jail, spending your hard-earned vacation money repairing someone else’s bumper.

First things first, take a look at how Mexico handles car accidents. This counts for motorcycles and other motor vehicles as well. Take the most common scenario you’re driving along, minding your own business. Then, you run into another car in the middle of an intersection. Was your light green, or was his?

Napoleonic law

Well, it’s your word against his. In the United States, nobody goes to jail, and this question of fault is decided later.  Under Napoleonic law, you’re presumed guilty until proven otherwise. You’re hauled off to jail until somebody pays up. You might get to plead your defense before a Mexican judge, but you’re up a creek without Mexican insurance coverage.

Mexican Insurance Coverage

The best way to avoid this scenario is to get Mexican insurance coverage before entering the country.  If you get in an accident, you’ll want to call your Mexican car insurance company to send an adjuster to the scene. Along with the police, they will investigate to help determine who was at fault.

If you have valid car insurance for Mexico, you will not typically be held in jail until you pay for any damages you caused. Without good Mexican car insurance, you would likely have to face detainment as you must pay the entire amount before they must let you go. And nobody wants that.

Financial Strength Rating (FSR)

The better ending to this scenario is when you have substantial coverage from a legitimate Mexican insurance policy. According to the Financial Strength Rating (FSR), this is an “A-” or higher.  With a reliable approach, your insurer will immediately meet your financial responsibility to pay the damages you are responsible for. That means you can be on your way and continue your trip as planned.

Repair Your Vehicle Across Borders

Another bonus to reliable Mexican insurance is the ability to repair your vehicle across borders.  Many Mexico-based providers require repairs to be made only in Mexico.

Assuming the car is drivable, this is another unwanted delay that can easily be avoided by choosing a policy through the Mexican Insurance  All their policies offer the flexibility of repair in the US, Canada, OR Mexico.

There are a few things to consider when researching Mexico car insurance. Ultimately you want a policy that gives you the amount and duration of coverage you want at the best premium available. First, ensure that the company you pick is rated by A.M. Best or Standard and Poor’s (S+P).

Local Insurance Companies

Many local Mexican Insurance companies are NOT rated by anyone, so there would be no way to tell if they have a good reputation or can even pay the following claim. Then look for coverage that includes theft and vandalism, car rental services, towing, repair options, legal and roadside assistance, and even help with medical payments.

Once you get your policy, you can enjoy better peace of mind as you head south on your adventure.

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