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Mexican Insurance Options from – Respecting Checkpoints As You Drive

While serious incidents with foreigners at Mexican checkpoints are rare, a lack of understanding could result in a problem. These checkpoints are located in various locations throughout the nation, and stopping is expected unless officers wave you through. If you are stopped, respect is important. You shouldn’t need to show proof of Mexican insurance options from, although carrying your Mexico insurance at is wise. You may need to show travel documents such as your passport and tourist visa.

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More about checkpoints

Checkpoints are typically staffed by Federales, Mexican Federal Police. The checkpoints are not placed there simply to harass and scare tourists. Rather, they are there to monitor movement in the country. Officers may be concerned about your travel plans and activities, asking where you are coming from and where you will be going. They might ask whether you are carrying prohibited items, and you might expect them to open your trunk or the back doors of your vehicle. If you travel with children, they may take a head count or ask a few questions of your passengers. Unless you have prohibited items such as drugs or weapons, you should expect to be able to travel on without trouble. A stray shell casing from your last hunting trip could create some stress, so take time to inspect your vehicle before you go.

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Mexican insurance options from and legal help

The legal assistance provided for in your Mexico insurance at is typically intended for use in connection with an automobile accident. The presence of military checkpoints at conspicuous locations is a good reminder of the importance of traveling legally. Mexico insurance at can keep you out of severe legal trouble in an accident, but traveling without coverage could result in significant problems. The nation operates with Napoleonic law, meaning that guilt is presumed in cases of accidents or other incidents. Be sure that you have up-to-date Mexico insurance at as you cross the border.

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